Foldable fish crate — K2022 highlights
20 февраля 2023
S.C.S. in Expo Plásticos 2023 — Guadalajara
19 апреля 2023

Keeping up with the «green» times

S.C.S. has been studying for years now ‘green’ solutions, which lead towards logistic optimization and awareness of the use and re-use of recycled plastic material. Thanks to our internal technical dpt, and our R&D dpt. we are able to study tailor-made solutions, guiding and advising our customers in technical choices in a market becoming more and more sustainable.
We’re able to reduce item weight finding solutions which retain its technical features almost unchanged.

From an energy point of view, we are able to self-power ourselves thanks to the recently installed photovoltaic system, adopting ‘green’ technologies that contribute to reducing environmental impact.