One-way crates

Several sizes of one-way crates, with/without pipes found in the European and international market.
Single and multi-cavity moulds designed to produce parts with recycled materials.


Returnable crates

We made crate moulds for all purposes: harvest, transport and storage.


One-way folding crates

We are worldwide leaders in single and multi-cavity moulds.
Our know-how covers all the different typologies: film or hinges, with IML process.


Returnable folding crates

We offer our experience for specific moulds, enabling:
- height version changing on the IMM in about 90 min.
- different height versions
- Production in PP and HDPE with recycled plastic material with and without Active Lock.



Moulds for containers, crates, for food and industrial use, made in PP and HDPE, with/without built-in handle, made in different colours and materials, optimizing also for IML processes.
Moulds for lids, also suitable for flex and/or IMF.


Thin-wall containers

We make tempered steel moulds, which guarantee competitive cycles and reliability.
High quality product guaranteed over time even for large productions.



Our vast experience satisfies all clients’ request.
It doesn’t matter if you want us to produce a smooth or a IML-decorated article: we can realize multi-cavity moulds in more versions with simple changes in the machine, or we can prepare rattan- or wooden-look finishing, we can produce chairs and stools with/without gas, double colour with/without techno polymers.

Technical articles

Thanks to its performance and aesthetic this kind of moulds enhances the combination of final quality and cost-effectiveness of their production.

Pallets and heavy packaging

Pallets, skids, containers, in which the injected pressure on the moulds have a big impact SCS can guarantee tools quality and support the customer with final product structural analysis and Moldflow.