IML applications

“In Mould Labelling” is a decoration system that allows the personalization of the articles directly during the moulding process through the placement of a film on the part to be personalized.
SCS can count on the experience achieved through many applications on several shapes.


Double-material and Double-colour processes.

Every process is made with multi-injection machines for increasingly demanding market requests and it allows the implementation of more injections according to the different requests and the reduction of production phases, optimizing costs and time.
SCS boasts a vast experience in moulding processes and techniques.

Gas injection

Main characteristics of this technology: weight reduction, moulding-time reduction, elimination of shrinkages in case of ribbings, possibility of making objects with large thickness variations.
SCS relies on its experience and tools and produces gas nozzles and control devices.


Film hinges

Our applications enable us to achieve speedier and optimal results in order to provide excellent performances.