Design and quality

The quality of the final product together with the mould performance represent SCS’s aim. This aim envelopes the entire corporate philosophy and guarantees the respect of working processes.
SCS counts on its technicians‘ thirty-year experience in order to offer consolidated solutions to various requests.


Working in synergy with clients, SCS offers the services of its technical staff who in turn benefits from updated 3D software. In this way, the company is able to design and develop the mathematical model requested by the client.
SCS supports and advises clients also in the realization of an eventual functional prototype.


SCS internally carries out flow analysis on the designed parts.
The results achieved from the flow analysis, allow for extreme Mould project reliability and simplicity.
The study of temperatures and air traps, allows from the beginning, the adequate cooling system and the correct and appropriate positioning of the venting inserts, which ensure high productivity, an excellent aesthetic and structural quality of the moulded part.


Mould trials

We are equipped for mould trials, pre-series and small productions if required , with fast-cycle IMMs and with bi-injection option.


Maintenance and reconditioning

After-sale assistance
We can carry out mould maintenance and reconditioning if requested.


Milling Machines

The best and latest technology to create high quality products.


Spark erosion

Hermle C 42 U dynamic

Milling machine

CB Ferrari D42

Milling machine


Milling machine

Digital print

We can print directly on crates with monochrome solution or with four-colour process.